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Here at Kingswood, we do all our printing in-house at our Brisbane based facility. This allows us to offer our customers faster delivery, as we don’t outsource to off-shore printing hubs which tend to increase project turnaround times. Kingswood digital printing technology provides the highest quality digital print available; which embodies full colour, maximum design capabilities and gradation through a simplified process that is both environmentally friendly and very affordable.

Digital Printing Services

Whether you are wanting efficient mass production or high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) printing jobs fulfilled, Kingswood has the digital printing power to provide on-demand production for our valued customers.

Kingswood provides nationwide services and distribution which will cater to the varying digital printing needs of any busness of individual.

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What Are Some Digital Printing Products?

Digital Printing is the simplified printing technique where you send a digital file directly to the printer which eliminates the need for
printing plates. Kingswood provides comprehensive digital printing and finishing options which include the following formats:

  • Flyers
  • Books
  • Paper Drilling
    Paper drilling
  • Leaflefts
  • Banners
  • Embossing
    Embossing / debossing
  • Stickers
  • Binding
  • Spot Uv
    Spot UV varnishing
  • Labels
  • Lamination
  • Foiling
  • Business Card
    Business Cards
  • Paper Scoring
    Paper Scoring
  • Metalic Finishing
    Metallic finishing
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Posters
Any other promotional material or specialty prints/services you may need, just enquire.
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Unflinching Consistency and Rapid Turnaround

Digital printing at Kingswood will give you the most impressive and vibrant results without the delay! We operate the Xerox® iGen 5® Press and Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press that run at the rated speeds and are scalable and flexible for every job. This advanced technology allows us to meet all of your operational needs, and to fulfill jobs in the most cost-effective, timely and results-driven way for our valued customers.

What is Digital Printing Used for?

Digital printing is used for mass-production and small volume production jobs that are required in a fast and affordable manner. Without the need for the traditional printing screens, Kingswood digital printing provides customers with flexibility when it comes to their print repeat size and allows for a fuller colour scope and more impressive line detail without the price increase. Digital printing is widely used to produce nearly all types of promotional material and is also ideal for many custom projects or those that require a quick turnaround time.

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What is the Digital Printing Process?

Inkjet and xerographic digital printers can print on everything from thick cardstock, heavyweight papers and folding cartons to fabric, plastics and synthetic substrates. Inkjet printers use their ink heads to apply small droplets of ink onto your media of choice. Whereas, xerographic printers work by transferring toners (a form of polymer powder) onto your substrates. Your print file is received by a Raster Image Processor (RIP) then sent to the printer of choice in preparation for the high-quality print. Digital printing can produce a near-photographic image on the chosen substrate.

How Much Does Digital Printing Cost

Kingswood provides the highest quality digital printing available. See below for our competitive pricing:

What Are the Advantages?

Digital printing takes a digital file and transfers it directly to the printing surface. This on-demand printing process is ideal for personalizing print jobs and with individualized information such as names, addresses or codes, etc. This is also the fastest printing process available, and great for printing lower quantities in a more cost-effective manner due to this simplified printing process.

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    What Our Clients Say!

    Price Attack has worked with Kingswood Print for over 5 years and the quality of service has remained second to none during this time. Dave and the team go over and beyond when it comes to service, recommendations and quality whilst aiming to deliver the best possible prices on all jobs. Price Attack strive for exceptional customer service within our network of stores and expect nothing less than this from our suppliers. Kingswood maintains this professionalism whilst never deviating from their exemplary customer service ethos.

    Tracey MacNair - National Marketing Manager
    Price Attack

    Everyone at Kingswood goes above and beyond to ensure we hit our deadlines. This is another example of the great partnership we have between our two organisations and the importance of strong relationships when working with organisations.

    Andrew Bottoms - Marketing Manager
    Century Yuasa Batteries Pty. Ltd.

    The team at Kingswood are more than just a supplier, they are a true extension of our business. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

    David Robert - Director

    Kingswood Press have been absolutely amazing to work with! Pete, Carol and the team consistently go above and beyond, delivering high quality advice and printing services. The team are great to deal with, competitively priced and have an impressive turnaround time.

    Aura Holdings
    Luxury Retirement Living Thats Yours, Truly
    Reviews on Google
    What is the Difference Between Digital and Offset Printing?
    Digital Vs. Offset, What's the Best for Your Next Project?

    Digital printing and offset printing have their own set of advantages that may coincide better with your print job depending on your specific requirements. Our team of printing professionals at Kingswood understand the in-depth importance of choosing the right printing style and guarantee to provide you with the best advice for every job. When you need larger runs of a project (hundreds or thousands of prints), or are using a specific, brand-centric Pantone colour, offset printing is our recommended style.

    The Process and Technology.

    Offset printing is a technique where the image is transferred – or offset – from a plate to a rubber blanket, then onto the printing surface. This multi-step process uses etched metal plates, water-repellant (e.g. oil-based) inks, water, blanket cylinders, and impression cylinders to adhere ink, throughout the print job. Here at Kingswood, we have the capabilities to produce quality print runs in varying sizes (from business cards to banners) Akiyama presses.

    Less Manual Steps in Digital Printing.

    Digital printing offers a far less complex printing process which doesn’t involve the mechanical elements and set-up processes which offset printing does. Offset printing is more of a manual printing style that incorporates making films, colour proofs and plates which is significantly more time-consuming.

    Advantages of Digital.

    Digital printing jobs are more on-demand and can be turned around in a faster manner for customers. The set-up costs for digital printing are lower which is ideal economically for smaller print runs. Due to the nature of digital printing, there is less waste and fewer variations in job outcomes as you do not have to balance ink and water during the printing process. If you have a job that requires variable data customization (such as direct marketing, letters, or invitations) the advanced digital printing process at Kingswood allows you to change out texts, graphics or numbers seamlessly without interrupting the printing process. Also, if you need a quick and inexpensive black and white printing job – digital printing is the ideal choice.

    Advantages of Offset.

    Offset printing is ideal for printing large quantities in a cost-effective way, as the more you print, the cheaper the price per piece becomes. With offset printing, you are not restricted to a particular paper as offset printing can be successfully executed on a large variety of paper types with the options of additional custom finishes. Despite the advanced technology of modern digital printing, offset printing is still the industry leader in printing style for high volume jobs, due to the advanced production rate and lower price point. With off printing, you get the highest possible printing quality with greater detail and colour fidelity. You also have the ability to use specialty custom inks such as metallic colours and Pantone colours for added creative effect.

    Still Not Sure Which is Right?

    Use the following checklist to ensure you make the right printing style choice for your upcoming job.

    Quantity: How many are you looking to print? If your quantity is low, it’s simple, opt for digital printing as there are less set-up costs and lower minimum quantities, therefore this will be a far cheaper option. If your quantity is high, it may be best to opt for offset printing because the printing unit cost will decrease as your quantity increases, which will be more economical for larger runs.

    Printing medium: If you’re looking to print on an unusual surface, utilise custom paper/finishes or your job doesn’t fall within the standard printing sizes, offset printing still offers the most job flexibility despite the technological advances of digital printing.

    Colour: With offset printing, the job price increases with every new color. If you are utilising one or two colours only, offset printing may be the most cost-effective way to get your job done. Also, offset printing uses the Pantone Matching System which means if your print incorporates Pantone colours, this will provide the most accurate match as a digital printer simulates the colour and therefore may be less accurate. If you need four-colour process printing, (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) digital may be more economical for your job as this may mean lower up-front printing costs.

    Turnaround time: Digital printing provides the fastest turnaround, as this is an on-demand process which does not require the set-up and manual labour involved in executing offset print jobs.

    Proofing: The most cost-effective printing style to utilise if you require an accurate proof or sample of your print job is digital printing as producing offset printing samples is far more expensive.

    Customisation: If you are utilising variable data throughout your printing project, digital printing is undoubtedly the most cost-effective. If you want to swap out names, addresses and codes etc. when offset printing, this would be very time consuming and disruptive to the process which would result in higher pricing.

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