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Signage Pull Up Banners Real Estate Signs

Pull up banners and real estate signs are great ways to promote brands and businesses. These custom-made print media displays can contain all the information you want to showcase, can be easily transported, and easily set up wherever necessary.

The better the quality of your signage, the more visually attractive they become. You need your signage to grab attention and make people read about what you are offering. Kingswood provides high-quality signage, which is already half the battle won. The other half is what you put on your signage that will have people taking notes. Here we have a few actionable points for you to create great pull up banners and real estate signs.

Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are great for point of sale display, trade shows, and exhibitions. The banners that are rolled up and can be opened and supported on a frame wherever necessary are easy to carry around. Pull up banners are also easy to store when not needed.

To make your pull up banner more effective, you need to keep these points in mind:

  • Plan your layout well. As with every type of print media, pull up banners are made for the eyes. A well-planned layout makes the banner more eye-catching and thereby more effective. Keep your text to the minimum, use large fonts and have pictures.
  • The size of your pull up banner has to suit the place where you are displaying it. Some exhibitions might require you to have banners of only a certain size while in other cases, you can have as large a banner as you want. If your banner needs to be placed beside a kiosk or information desk, you need to make sure that it does not cover what it is supposed to call attention to. Pull up banners don’t only come in different sizes but also different length and breadth proportions. Choose your size well.
  • The information you put on your pull up banner needs to be relevant and concise. Pull up banners are not the place for a lot of fluff. Short captions are good to attract attention, but the information provided should give the viewer all they need to proceed. For example, a travel company pull up banner could say ‘Visit XXXX at a discounted rate this summer,’ followed by contact details of where they can learn more. More information of prices like packages starting at xyz can also be included.

Follow these points, and you will have great pull up banners to display anywhere and everywhere.

Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are an absolute must for anyone in the business. One of the best ways to market your real estate services is by having a sign up at an available property with your contact details. People who are genuinely interested in buying, selling or renting property are always on the lookout for real estate signs.

Real estate signs can be kept simple with words like ‘For Sale’ or ‘Open House’ with a number displayed. Open house signs can also have days and times displayed. For your real estate sign to be most effective, you need it to be big, bold and easy to read. Contrast your background colour with your print colour well so that the latter stands out. A real estate sign needs to act like a beacon, so visibility is very important.

Now that you know how to design an effective pull up banner or real estate sign, we can help you with the rest. Contact us at Kingswood with your details and requirements, and we will make the best signage you have seen.

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