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As a company dealing in print media and signage, we are always looking to provide the best experience to our customers. We also believe in being environmentally responsible and having minimum impact on our surroundings. In keeping with our goals and beliefs, we use online systems that give our customers easy access to our services with minimum paperwork.

With the help of uStore and PrintIQ, we give customers the chance to browse our full list of services and then select what they want. Everything can be done online, and we send the finished product to you. Here are a few more details on how these systems work.


With XMPie uStore, we have created a Web-to-Print portal. When you log on to our website, you can choose whether you need a brochure, banner, offset printing, digital printing, custom-made prints and so on. You can then choose your size, the number of prints you want, the quality of the paper and so on, on the website itself. You can also upload images and text that needs to be included in your print media. All the orders are scalable so that you get good quality prints in the size that you need.

The website has easy-to-follow instructions so that you know exactly how to provide us with all the relevant information. We break down the printing process for you so that you know at what resolution your images have to be without needing a crash course in print media technology. You can customise and pay for all our products and services using our uStore.


Our printIQ online system gives us a seamless platform to work with our customers. Using this portal, customers can select, customise and buy our products and services without hassle. You can also proof your designs before the printing starts. By using the online systems, we save a lot on paper or other print materials that would have otherwise been needed to create drafts. In this way, we reduce our solid waste output and also our use of paper.

Your specifications get sent straight to our printing press to avoid any delays. As soon as we receive your information, we get to work creating a work of art for you. We take all the information you provide via the online systems and bring your print media to life.

We ensure that our payment gateways are secure and you can use them without worry. Once the product is ready, our delivery partners will make sure that they get to you safely and without delay. Our online systems also help you track the progress of your order so that you know that we have received your specifications and when you can expect to receive the finished product.

We have integrated these software into our online systems to ensure that we never miss an order. We get notified with every new order and can respond to you at the earliest. You can send us your queries online as well, and we will answer them all.

Kingswood also has a physical store in Underwood, Qld, where we work our magic to provide high-quality printing solutions to a vast number of organisations in every sector. Both uStore and printIQ help us keep the customers updated and connected to us. These systems also keep us connected to all our partners for a smooth process.

Environmentally conscious, seamless online ordering format, stress-free delivery, and above all, high-quality printing is what we offer at Kingswood. Visit our website to learn how you can partner with us for all your print and signage needs.

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