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Digital Spot Gloss and Foil Stamping

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If you are looking for ways to enhance your print finish, then you should take a look at our spot gloss and foil stamping techniques. These techniques add a very attractive quality to the finish products, making them stand out against other. Digital spot gloss and foil stamping work great on business cards, wedding invitations and any other custom-made card or printed surface you want to add a little character to.

At Kingswood, we use state-of-the-art digital technology for spot gloss and foil stamping to ensure precise results. Let us dwell a little deeper on what these techniques are and what results you can expect so that you know the options available to you.

What Are Digital Spot Gloss And Foil Stamping?

Digital spot gloss and foil stamping are techniques that add accents and finishing touches to your printed material.

Spot Gloss:

If you have a business card printed and you want your name or company logo to stand out in contrast to the rest of the card, you can make just that area glossy. The glossy logo on a matte background is not only more visually appealing but also makes the business card more interesting.

Spot glossing involves adding gloss to only certain areas of the finished print for the contrasting effect. There are two main methods used in digital spot glossing.

The first method prints the part that needs to be glossed first. In the next step, the gloss or laminate is applied to the print. Once the glossy part is done, the rest of the print is added on.

The second method prints the part that does not need to be glossed first and then adds a matte finish to this section. After that, the second bit of print is added and the gloss is added to it. This method allows you to have a more contrasting finish.

Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping puts the finishing touches on a printed surface with metallic foil. The gold, silver and other metallic accents you see of wedding invitations or fancy cardboard boxes are all done using foil stamping.

Once the printing is completed, the areas that need to be highlighted are stamped with foil. You can choose the colour of the foil that you want on your printed surface. Foil stamping adds style and flair to a printed surface. When used on a dark background, the contrast brought about by foil stamping can be stunning. Foil stamping can also be used to print names and business cards for that little extra dimension.

Benefits Of Digital Spot Gloss And Foil Stamping

  • Digital spot gloss and foil stamping work for large quantities as well a single printing job.
  • Because the method is digitalised, the finish is sharp and of high quality.
  • By adding gloss or foil stamping to a print, the visual aesthetic can be enhanced considerably.
  • Spot gloss and foil stamping give contrast and character to even very basic printed materials. Even if there are no images in your print material, just adding spot gloss or foil stamping can transform the look from plain to attractive.
  • The methods are economical and quick.
  • There is no need for printing plates or any special contraptions for digital spot gloss and foil stamping.
  • The gloss and stamping can be customised exactly to your specifications.

Kingswood is committed to providing high-quality digital spot gloss and foil stamping to our customers. Just tell us what you want, and we will help you choose the best option for your job. Get creative with your ideas, and we’ll do the rest.

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